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[capitalminute] It's all about Confidence
November 03, 2004

It's all about Confidence

There are two factors at work in the subconscious minds of your prospective investors when they are considering an investment in your business: confidence and risk. Your job as entrepreneur or business owner is to raise confidence and lower risk. If you successfully do that, you'll earn their investment.

Today's marketplace is filled with gun-shy investors jaded, skeptical, and weary. As a result, investors figure that it's safer to stay in a so-so deal than risk making an investment in a new company. The reason for this is the Investor Confidence Gap, which is an inability to distinguish if one investment option is different or better than another.

How do you overcome this? How do you build investor confidence? You must know what your customers want, know how you'll give it to them, and then communicate to your investors how what you do is unique or better in a way that's believable and embraceable.

Each step merely represents one of the three keys to effective communication: Have something good to say, say it well, and say it often. Find out what your customers want. Figure out how you'll give it to them. Tell your investors your unique promise to your customers, and how you'll deliver on it, in a way that is believable. As simple as this sounds, these steps are often overlooked when developing and communicating a business plan. Nonetheless, they are absolutely essential to building investor confidence, and getting your business funded.


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