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Internet Businesses and Business Plans
December 06, 2005

You Can Laugh At Starting An Internet Business - If You Follow This Simple Business Plan

"An internet business plan is a serious time commitment and something most on-line businesses don't need"

Like most small businesspeople's lives, the Internet changes fast. This makes it difficult to project the future of most Internet businesses.

Fortunately, the typical Internet business does not need large amounts of cash to operate. In fact, today, some service providers like Site Build It! go beyond just providing you with disk space to park a Web site. These providers give you the tools to build an Internet Business for just under $25 a month.

With such low overhead and cash needs, it's not necessary for most Internet businesses to prepare a "traditional business plan." Forget about projecting thirty-six months of income statements, balance sheets, and so on. They are a waste of time, unless of course you need to raise capital.

Now, I'm not saying you shouldn't have a plan.

You must have a plan.

But, how you write your Internet business plan, what you include in it, even how you package and present it will be much different from a business plan for an off-line business.

An Internet business plan can limit its financial analysis. Twelve months of projections are all you need for an Internet business plan. Use simple schedules to outline your start-up cost for items like computer software and hardware and monthly schedules to capture expenses for hosting fees, supplies, and so on.

The truth is it's difficult for Internet businesses to predict the exact time they will produce revenues. In the early stages, an Internet business plan must focus on laying out the actions that build content and eventually drive traffic to the site. That's why businesses that are dependent on the web must be willing to sacrifice some early on-line traffic to get inbound links.

Introducing A Ten-Day Internet Business Plan for Launching and Building Your Home Business

If you're looking to do something on-line or if you are a Work At Home Mom (WAHM) looking for a way to contribute money to the household, you don't need an elaborate business plan.

To show you what I mean checkout this internet business plan called the Site Sell Action Guide. It's a ten-day action guide for launching and building an on-line business.

If you follow this Action Guide, you'll likely have enough information to decide if you have a niche that has a solid chance to succeed by the end of the fifth day. More important, you'll have taken several real steps to launching your Internet business.

To your success,

Mike Elia
Business Plan Secrets Revealed

P.S. Internet business models are different from brick and mortar models in many significant ways. If you want to start an on-line business, avoid traditional business plans. Instead, checkout this ten-day Internet business plan for launching and building your Internet business.


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