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The Capital Minute
Business Plan Talking Points Part 3
July 2006

It's about the Bait...

Capital Minute July 2006

Business Plan Talking Points Part 3
The Capital Minute
July 2006
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"Find the thing your prospects are interested in and make it your point of contact, rather than rush in and try to tell them something about your proposition, your goods, your interests."

Robert Collier
The Robert Collier Letter Book

When it comes to writing a business correspondence, study your reader first - your business second. Writing a business plan is no different. If you understand the desires of the people you want to read your plan, and present those things that relate to them, then your business plan will surely create excitement and interest.

But, you already know this, right?

This edition of the Capital Minute is not going to show beginners how to write an epistle of a business plan. This edition is for the business person who already knows the blocking and tackling of writing a business plan and is looking for more effective ways to put that knowledge to use.

And, that's just what our feature article, Choosing The Right Business Plan Talking Points Part 3, the last article in this series, is all aboutÂ…answering the question: What is it about some business plans that makes them so much more effective than others? The answer just may surprise you.

If you've already tackled your business plan then turn to David Ruiz's article about the seven step to get a loan for your business. If you haven't already written your plan then you may want to hold off deciding whether to write it yourself or to get professional help until you have read Lee Lister's and Art Hamel's articles on this topic.

Finally, remember to drop me a quick note about future topics you'd like to see covered in the Capital Minute, I made it real easy for you with the form below. After all it is YOUR magazine.

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Mike Elia