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The Capital Minute
How to Present Your Business Plan
November 2006

How to Present Your Business Plan
The Capital Minute November 2006
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Dear Readers:

Another year will soon be behind us. How are you progressing on your business plan?

Perhaps one of the articles in this month's issue can help: "The Fundamentals of Preparing an Effective Business Plan," "Five Crucial Components of a Business Plan," "How To "Present" Your Business Plan," and "Over a Cup of Coffee."

It's easy to get overwhelmed writing a plan. That's why we like to keep it simple.

So, let's start with the fundamentals. In our Insights column on page 3, William King tells how you should use planning to contend with competitors and manage your resources. He even looks at the fundamentals of an effective business plan and the factors to keep in mind when preparing it.

Next, make sure your Business Plan gets the attention it needs. On page 5, Cavyl Stewart walks you through the five crucial components of a Business Plan to do this.

Once you have a reader's attention and have peaked their interest, you're off to a good start. But, it's only a start. Flip to page 7 for this month's feature article, "How To 'Present' Your Business Plan," and learn the four steps you must follow to ensure your business plan works for you.

Finally, learn how three brothers built a business, sold it, and built another in "Over a Cup of Coffee" on page 14. It's light reading and enjoyable.

I hope you enjoy the issue. Please drop me a line and let me know what you think.

To Your Success,

Mike Elia

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