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[capitalminute] The Power of Evidence...
February 25, 2004
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Business Plan Evidence:
It’s Up to You to Prove Your Case…

The greatest attorneys are able to craft a case, produce evidence and eventually get a “Not Guilty” verdict for some of the guiltiest people to stand trial.

Take Johnny Cochran for example. He led the jury to decide that OJ was not guilty. While I don’t approve of his tactics or motive, not to mention his choice in clients, Cochran taught us the power of evidence when properly used.

Yet, in the investment world today, we see outrageous claims in all kinds of business plans, teasers and elevator pitches without any supporting evidence. In fact there are so many messages crossing the desks of angel investors, venture capitalist, and bankers with unsupported claims that they’ve become confused and numbed to their effect.

Therefore business owners today must be more strategic about gaining the investors favorable attention and filling their needs. Now I’m not talking about clever marketing gimmicks. But, I am talking about understanding your investors’ needs and motives and then pulling together the evidence to support your business plan.

Yet this RARELY happens. Thanks to a growing number of business plan templates and software packages, everybody is saying the same thing. In fact, today most business plans even look identical. This makes it hard for an investor to see how any business is any better or any different or any worse than any of the other businesses they’re reviewing. Unable to decide this, they choose the most logical alternative... They ask for more time. Haven’t you done this yourself?

So, just like an attorney builds a case for a client, you must build a case for your business that truthfully leads investors to decide that your business is the obvious investment choice. And, it all starts with having the evidence to prove your position.

To your success,

Mike Elia


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