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"Shows You Where to Start and Makes the Process Less Daunting"

No matter if you are already in business or just starting one, this free business plan guide can show you where to start and help make the task of pulling together a business plan less overwhelming. By breaking the business plan process into four simple tasks, this guide can quickly set you on your way toward completing or improving your business plan.

Learn how to...

Get Investors Interested in Your Business Plan

The free business plan guide starts by covering the three steps that are guaranteed to get investors to stop, listen, and react to your business plan. The same three steps that I explain in the Business Plan Secrets Revealed manual.

Gather Evidence to Write Your Business Plan

Learn how to gather and organize the right evidence to build a case for your business that can separate you from other businesses in the minds of potential investors. Evidence that can quickly paint a picture of your business, support your arguments, and establish credibility.

Write a Business Plan that Actually Gets Read

The free business plan guide covers how to go about writing a business plan. You'll also discover the five questions to continuously ask yourself to ensure you stay on track as you write your business plan. Overcome the nine most common business plan writing mistakes that may be preventing you from effectively communicating your business plan.

Find and Secure Investors

Learn four ways to find investors and then how to cultivate relationships with them. Find out the four keys to developing an effective "elevator pitch" to quickly capture the attention of potential investors.

All totaled, this Free Business Plan Guide can give you enough information to start writing your business plan or dramatically improving an existing one.

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