Special Business Plan Reports

The following are excerpts of special business plan reports that can help you understand how business investors choose which business ventures to invest in, learn ways to finance small businesses, and decide whether you should write your business plan or have someone else write it for you.

Each special business plan report is available free when you sign-up for the Free Business Plan Guide. You'll also find more information about developing a business plan and the process of raising capital in the complete Business Plan Secrets revealed - Business Plan Manual.

Special Business Report #1
How Business Investors Choose - Special Report

Understanding the investment process from an investor’s perspective is the single most important factor to making your business plan sell. Learn to think like your business investors, and see how much easier it can be to communicate with them and build your credibility...

Special Business Report #2
Startling Facts About Financing Small Businesses - Special Report

Financing small businesses involves overcoming a special set of problems resulting from the ability or lack there of to gain access to the capital markets. Learn how to overcome these and other unique financing problems...

Special Business Report #3
Should You Write Your Own Business Plan or Hire Someone? - Special Report

Whether you have business plan writers write your business plan or if you write it yourself, you'll want to be involved in its creation. The first however is knowing where you are in the business plan process...

The full versions of these reports are in PDF format. Each report ranges from 4 to 7 pages in length and is available for free when you sign up for the Free Business plan Guide.

For more in-depth information on creating a powerful business plan that can attract investors and on the process of securing funding for your business venture check out the complete Business Plan Secrets Revealed - Business Plan Manual now.

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