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About The Business Plan Professionals Network

THe Business Plan Professionals Network was created out of necessity by business plan consultant Mike Elia to quickly match businesses requesting business plan services with experienced, qualified professionals.

When Mike was recruited back to the leverage buyout world, he had an established consulting practice that generated more leads than he could handle. The trouble was finding qualified professionals to help service them. That's when Mike decided to take a web based concept used to match homeowners' requests for services to qualified contractors and apply it to business plan services. With one exception. He wanted to ensure that the network of professionals he shared leads with had the experience to get the job done right.

Thats when the Business Plan Professionals Network was born.

Save days, even weeks seeking professional assistance or prospecting for clients...

This site is a web portal that saves days, even weeks for businesses seeking professional assistance and professionals seeking prospective clients.

Entrepreneurs and business owners seeking assistance with writing a business plan, finding investors or raising capital simply submit online requests for services. The requests are distributed to a group of pre-qualified business plan professionals who review the requests and make the initial contact to discuss needs and provide cost estimates. It’s up to the business to select which professional best matches their needs and budget.

Although professional members of Business Plan Professionals Network set their own fees, they typically earn anywhere from $200 for an objective review of an existing business plan to over $30,000 for researching, writing, promoting and arranging financing for businesses. Professional members receive a number of benefits. Most important is the opportunity to receive and review service requests. But before this can happen, professional candidates must pass a strict screening process that ensures only qualified, experienced professionals are granted membership status in the Business Plan Professionals Network.

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Businesses, use our free Business Plan Services Request System to submit unlimited requests for business plan services and to attract the right qualified professional to service your business plan needs.

Professionals and professional firms let the Business Plan Professionals Network do your prospecting. To learn how to qualify and apply for membership or about the benefits of being part of our network, visit our Professional Partners Area.

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