Leads for Business Plan Professionals

Mergers & Acquisition Specialists, Accredited Business Valuation Specialists, Certified
Public Accountants, Deal Makers, Business
Brokers, Securities Lawyers, and Other
Business Plan Professionals...

Entrepreneurs and business owners looking for business plan professionals to help them prepare a business plan, find investors, raise capital or provide other business plan services contact us regularly.

If you or your firm provides
professional business plan services and
meets the following criteria...
we would like to partner with you!

  • Your business has been in operation at least 3 years.
  • You can show evidence of six (6) business plan engagements/projects that demonstrate substantial experience and competence. Substantial experience is defined as:

  • "Sufficient research, analysis and execution to develop and prepare a business plan, find investors, or raise capital for a business."
  • You can show evidence of good professional and client references.

Increase your bottom line with
confirmed leads for business plan services...

Members in our professional network can earn anywhere from $200 for an objective review of an existing business plan to over $30,000 for researching, writing, promoting and arranging financing for businesses. Members receive requests for business plan services from entrepreneurs and business owners who submit a request form through our Business Plan Service Request System. Properly completed forms are emailed directly to members and include the following information:

  • The entrepreneur's or business owner's contact information.
  • Business stage.
  • Type of industry
  • Annual sales, number of employees
  • Type of service(s) being sought.
  • Amount of funding required
  • Budget and method of payment for services.
  • Preferred method for initial contact.
  • Desired start date.
  • Other important information the prospect wants to add.

You choose which prospects to pursue, how much to charge, and contact the prospects you select directly.

Accepted applicants choose from
two great membership options:

Silver Membership (annual $97 fee):

  • Unlimited email notifications of business plan service requests for one year.
  • Control over geographic markets to serve, limit targets to a desired geographic area
  • A one-time annual fee that really is a one-time annual fee. No extra costs for getting more leads or submitting more estimates.
  • Key, up front project and client information for effective filtering of projects

Gold Membership (annual $197 fee):

All the benefits of a Silver Membership, plus:

  • Individual Press Release describing your business and announcing your acceptance into the Business Plan Professional Services Network ($100 value).
  • Special mention in Network press releases.
  • Free special report What Business Plan Clients Want ($19 value).

With either membership you pay only the annual fee and receive unlimited emails containing requests for business plan services.

Start your application process now!

To see if you qualify to be a member in in our network, submit a Business Plan Professional Membership application. If your application is accepted, we will contact you to conduct our due diligence and background checks. Once you pass this phase, you'll be asked to select a membership option and pay the membership fee.

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