All The Help You'll Ever Need With Writing A Business Plan or
Raising Money...
Professional Business Plan Services

"Why struggle with writing a business plan or
raising money when you have these
business plan services avaliable?"

Ok, so your business plan isn't quite coming together...

You're spending hours researching, writing, and crunching numbers. Trying to promote your plan and find investors. And, still the results are sparse. You say you're even thinking about calling it quits. Well, before you do anything rash, listen to this... Every business plan stalls, at some point. While starting a business plan is an easy thing to do, there's no guarantee that once you start, you'll see it through.

That's why we created the
Business Plan Services Request System

Whether you're just starting the business plan process or feel like your process is starting to stall, use our free system to get assistance from an experienced professional in less than 48 hours!

Our free Business Plan Services Request System allows you to solicit quotes for business plan services from consulting firms to retired professionals that specialize in assisting companies with their business plans.

Finding qualified professionals and getting free estimates is easy, quick and without any contractual obligations!

Simply submit your request and experienced business plan professionals in our network will review it, contact you directly to discuss your needs, and give you a cost estimate for the services. Costs or fees can vary from as low as $200 for a professional’s objective review of your business plan to over $30,000 to research, write, promote and arrange financing to fund your plan.

Talk to as many or as few professionals as you choose. Then, pick the professional that fits you and your budget best.

"Have no fears about getting an inexperienced professional"

Your online request will only be circulated amoung professionals that meet our strict qualification process. To qualify, business plan professionals and firms must have demonstrated to us their experience in the field of business planning by providing evidence of six (6) business plan engagements/projects that demonstrate substantial experience and competence. Substantial experience is defined as:

"Sufficient research, analysis and execution to develop and prepare a business plan, find investors, or raise capital for a business."

We also require that each professional:

  • Provide us evidence of good professional and client references.
  • Be a member in good standing of the network.
  • Be clear of any unfavorable legal decisions.

Save hours even days chasing down qualified professionals, simply complete a
Business Plan Services Request Form...

Get in touch with a business plan professional eager to assist you with your business plan. Simply complete a Business Plan Services Request Form. The system will immediately distribute your submission to our network of select, pre-qualified professionals. Within 48 hours, members in the network review your request, contact you directly to discuss your needs, and provide you with cost estimates. All you do is choose which professional is right for you.

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