Free Business Plan Trade Publications

If you think free business plan trade publications are worthless for writing a business plan...think again. Trade publications, yes even free ones, can can be useful sources of information to help you write your business plan. Many have special annual issues packed with market data, industry trends, and helpful surveys.

For example, I used Diesel & Gas Turbine Worldwide to help me prepare plans for our diesel engine and our gas turbine combustion components businesses, which we successful sold in May 2007. Diesel & Gas Turbine Worldwide had a special annual issue that laid out unit production trends and forecasts. I even contacted the author of one article, who helped me find additional research reports. That's a lot of mileage for a free trade publication!

In fact, I believe so much in the benefits of using trade publications, I teamed up with to provide you an extensive list of free trade publications and technical documents. Browse by industry and geography to find the titles that best match your business venture. Then use the publication to gather industry specific information to include in your business plan.

Publications are absolutely free.

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Free trade publications are a valuable resourse for finding evidence to support your business plan. Be sure to use them...after all they are free.