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Mike Elia is the founder and President of Elia & Partners LLC. He is also the author of "Business Plan Secrets Revealed", a unique manual that empowers entrepreneurs and business owners to present their business ideas in ways that captivate investors and convince them to invest money in their venture.

As a successful Chief Financial Officer for publicly held companies and companies owned by major equity sponsors like Citibank Venture Capital Group, DLJ Merchant Banking Group, and Jordan Industries, Mike has first hand experience with venture capitalists and leverage buyout specialists. From 1997 to 2003, Mike wrote and presented business plans for 17 successful merger and acquisition transactions worth $967 million and arranged for $760 million in financing and his track record continues through today with the successful roll-up and sale of FastenTech, Inc. in 2007 and several M&A transactions for Gerber Scientific, inc. (NYSE:GRB) where he currently serves as EVP and CFO.

His more than twenty years of experience covers operating, marketing, and financing businesses from start-ups to billion dollar conglomerates spanning over 10 countries in industries such as: electronics and telecommunications components, automotive components, specialty publishing, consumer products, home textiles, and professional services.

Mike believes the key to obtaining financing begins with building a case for your business venture that truthfully separates you from your competition and leads investors to conclude that you are the obvious investment choice. He outlines exactly how to do this in his manual "Business Plan Secrets Revealed".

Mike is a Certified Public Accountant and has a Masters in Business Administration from Duke University's Fuqua School of Business.

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