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November 2006: How To "Present" Your Business Plan
  • The Fundamentals of Preparing an Effective Business Plan
    by William King
  • Five Crucial Components of a Business Plan
    by Cavyl Stewar
  • How To "Present" Your Business Plan
    by Mike Elia
  • Over a Cup of Coffee
    by Mike Elia
    [November, 2006]
October 2006: How To "Begin" A Business Plan
  • Developing a Business Plan
    by Dave Lavinsky
  • 15 Easy Steps to Starting Your Small Business
    by Eve Jackson
  • How To “Begin” A Business Plan
    by Mike Elia
  • The Visionary Entrepreneur
    by Joe Love
    [October, 2006]
August/September 2006: When you Write A Business Plan
  • How Long Should A Business Plan Be?
    by Mike Elia
  • When You "Sit Down" to Write Your Business Plan
    by Mike Elia
  • The Art of the Pitch: Wooing Investors
    by Mike Elia
  • How to Raise Money...The Old Fashion Way
    By Mike Elia
    [August/September, 2006]
July 2006: It's the Bait...
  • 3 Reasons for a Business Plan that Only a Professional Understands
    by Lee Lister
  • Writing A Business Plan Or Cover Letter -- Part 3
    by Mike Elia
  • Business Plan Secrets You Won't Learn At Harvard Or Yale
    by Art Hamel
  • 7 Steps To Get A Loan For Your Business
    By David Ruiz
    [July, 2006]
June 2006: Business Plan Talking Points Part 2
  • If You Stay At Home, Why Not Work At Home, Mom?
    by Mike Elia
  • Organizing Your Materials to Build Stronger Talking Points
    by Mike Elia
  • Start Your Business With Your Exit Strategy In Mind
    by Andy Warren
  • Going Public: The Disadvantages
    by Robert Berman
    [June, 2006]
May 2006: Business Plan Talking Points Part 1
  • Getting Your Business Plan On The Right Track
    by Dave Lavinsky
  • Choosing The Right Talking Points For Your Business Plan
    by Mike Elia
  • 7 Critical Business Financing Mistakes
    by Brent Finlay
  • How to Write a Business Plan Market Analysis
    by Lance Winslow
    [May, 2006]

April 2006: Myths, Writing, and Financing…

  • 136 Ways To Market Your Small or Solo Business
    by Terri Zwierzynski
  • Writing a Business Plan Cover Letter Part 2
    by Mike Elia
  • Obtaining Financing For A New Business Venture
    by Robert Berman
  • How To Write The Right Business Plan!
    by Charlene Rashkow
    [April, 2006]
March 2006: Business Plan Power
  • Business Plan Tips For Getting All The Cash You Need To Buy Large, Multi-Million Dollar Companies-How Long And Detailed Should Business Plans Be?
    by Art Hamel
  • Writing a Business Plan Cover Letter - Part 1
    by Mike Elia
  • P.T. Barnum's Golden Rules for Making Money
    by P.T. Barnum
  • Planning Your Way to Success
    by Charlene Rashkow
    [March, 2006]
February 2006: Creating A Business Plan With Punch
  • Business Plan Facts That Will Help You Sleep Like A Baby
    by Art Hamel
  • Creating a Business Plan with Punch
    by Peter Hickey
  • Small Firms Loan Guarantee Scheme (SFLG)
    by John Courtney
  • How to Choose a Writer For Your Next Project!
    by Charlene Rashkow
    [February, 2006]
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