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"BEFORE you even consider buying one of those so-called "generic" sample business plan templates, you owe it to yourself to take a close look at an industry specific business plan from With over 1,000 professionally written, "real-life" business plans that you can download into your word processor, they have truly created "the world’s largest library of industry specific business plans".

Do any of these Business Plans meet your needs?

If you need to write a business plan, choose the exact business plan that meets your needs from over 1,000 sample business plan templates, download it to your PC and start working in just five minutes from now...

"In a Matter of Minutes You Will
Quickly and Easily Create
An Industry Specific Business Plan
That Will Make You
Stand Out From the Crowd"

"These Real-Life Downloadable, Sample Business Plan Templates Will Take Your Venture To the Next Level"

If You Ever Need To Write
A High Quality Business Plan
These Comprehensive, Downloadable
Industry Specific Sample Business Plan Templates
Will Let You Quickly and Easily Produce
A Professional Quality Business Plan
You'll Be Proud Of!

This extensive collection of business plans is the extraordinary result of a group of accountants, financiers and consultants from Europe and the United States with over 20 years of experience writing plans for businesses ranging from one-person start-ups to large multi-nationals!

In a hurry? Don't have 2 or 3 minutes to scan this letter now?
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Message from a chief financial officer and advisor to
venture capitalists and leverage buyout specialists and
author of Business Plan Secrets Revealed,
Mike Elia,
C.P.A, M.B.A.

Dear Motivated Business Plan Writer,

How important is it for you to portray a professional and competent image to your prospective bankers or investors?

Really important, I'm betting.

After all, once you put something into writing and add your name to it, it becomes a direct extension of who you are and what you stand for as a person and/or professional.

With that, I've got very good news for you.

What I'm going to tell you about here is how a group of accountants, financiers and consultants in Europe and the United States developed what I consider to be the world’s largest collection of professionally written sample business plan templates. But they didn't stop there. They also pulled together a blockbuster list of 25 tools and information packets, guaranteed to let you quickly and easily produce industry specific, quality business plans, written just like a professional would.

And I'm NOT talking about the typical "copy and paste" fill-in-the blank generic business plan software and templates that, based on my research and testing, just don't measure up.

But, who am I to make such a claim?

Please let me briefly introduce myself.

My name is Mike Elia and for the past decade, I've had the privilege of working with some of the world’s top venture capital firms, investment banks and lending institutions. Firms like Credit Suisse First Boston and CitiBank Venture Capital. Investment bankers like Lehman Brothers, JPMorgan, and BankOne. I've also had the pleasure of transacting with some of the most successful entrepreneurs in the U.S.

My experience comes from serving as a chief financial officer and advisor for some of the companies owned by these investors.

My more than twenty years of experience encompasses operating, marketing, and financing businesses from start-ups to multi-national billion dollar conglomerates in industries such as: automotive components, consumer products, electronics and telecommunications components, home textiles, industrial manufacturing, professional services, and specialty publishing.

In addition, I'm the author of "Business Plan Secrets Revealed", a unique manual that empowers entrepreneurs and business owners to present their business ideas in ways that captivate investors and convince them to invest money in their venture. Finally, I'm a Certified Public Accountant and hold a Masters in Business Administration from Duke University's Fuqua School of Business.

Now that the introductions are over, I'm going to make every effort to keep the rest of this information short and to the point, giving you only the essential "need to know" facts about this enormous depository of sample business plan templates and tools.

What You Need To KNOW About
Business Plan Writing

Look I know first hand how frustrating it can be to start writing a business plan from a blank sheet of paper. Trying to figure out how best to build your case, what industry relevant data to gather or how best to describe your market. After all, I've written and presented business plans for over 17 successful merger and acquisition transactions worth $967 million and arranged for $760 million in financing from 1997 to 2003 alone and continue to build on this record.

But unless you're using an industry specific business plan, most business plan templates on the market today will only frustrate you more because they are too general. More importantly, they won't help you exploit the key information, data, terminology, or peculiarities of your specific industry and business.

Now, imagine if you could have access to a professionally written, sample business plan template crammed with informative insights and perspectives about your particular industry. Think of the time you could save and the knowledge you would gain working off a sample business plan template customized for your specific industry.

Sample Business Plan Templates

The people at have put together the world's largest collection of business plans. With over 1,000 business plans to choose from you are sure to find a comprehensive business plan to meet your exact needs. And best of all, at, all sample business plan templates are immediately available at affordable prices. No waiting, no pricing surprises.

Simply scan the seemingly endless list of industry specific sample business plan templates for the one that meets your specific needs. Your comprehensive, industry specific business plan is available for immediate download. Since each plan is industry specific, the sample business plan template you choose will help you overcome the obstacles of trying to figure out how best to build your case, what industry relevant data to gather or how best to describe your market.

Quickly write an effective business plan. Focus your efforts on the data and statistics relevant to your industry and shave hours and hours off your research and writing time. Unlike generic sample business plan templates, these business plans ensure you include the right industry information and terminology to build investor confidence and help get you the funding you need. business plans are easy to use, have no hidden protection, do not require additional software purchases and will reduce the time you spend preparing your plan by hours, days, and even weeks.

Just Take A Look:
Do Any Of These Sample Business Plan Templates Meet Your Needs?

Actors Agent
Advertising Agency
Aerobic Instructor
After School Club
Air Conditioning
Amusement Arcade
Antique Dealer
Antiques Restoration
Appliance Repair
Appliance Store
Aquarium Services
Aquarium Store
Art and Crafts Supply Art Gallery
Art School
Au Pair Agency
Auction Salesroom
Auto Accessories
Auto Repair
Auto Sales
Baby Clothing Store
Baby Gift Store
Baby Sitter
Baby Sitting Agency
Balloon Flights
Balloon Store
Barber Shop
Bathroom Designer
Beauty Salon
Beauty Therapist
Bed and Breakfast
Bedroom Furniture Store Bee Keeping
Bicycle Shop
Boat Builder
Body Guard
Body Piercing
Bookkeeping Service
Book Publisher
Book Store
Bowling Alley
Boxing Coach
Bridal Consultant
Bridal Shop
Bungee Jump Coordinator Business Coach
Business Consultant
Business Planning
Business Promotion
Business Publishing
Business Seminar Planner Butcher
Cabinet Maker
Cake Decorating
Call Center
Camping Coordinator
Candle Making
Candy Shop
Canoeing Instructor
Car Accessory Shop
Car Maintenance
Car Wash
Carpet Store
Carpet Repair
Carpet Cleaning
CD and DVD Store
Chemist Shop
Child Care
Child Day Care
Children's Entertainer
Children's Indoor Play Area
Chinese Restaurant
Chocolate Shop
Cider Making
Classic Car Restoration
Cleaning Service
Clock and Watch Repair Clock and Watch Store
Clothes Shop
Clothing Alterations
Clothing Designer
Clothing Manufacturer Coastal Boat Charters
Coffee Bar
Coffee House
Coffee Shop
Coin Laundry
Color Consultant
Comedy Writer
Computer Repair
Computer Store
Computer Games
Computer Training
Conference Organizer Construction Management Construction Consultant
Contract Catering
Contract Cleaning
Convenience Store
Cookery School
Corporate Entertainment Corporate Event Management
Cosmetic Store
Culinary School
Cyber Cafe
Cycle Shop
Industry Specific Business Plan Library Continued...
Dance Studio
Data Recovery
Database Developer
Dating Agency
Dating Service
Day Care Center
Day Spa
Debt Collection Agency Debt Collector
Dental Hygienist
Direct Mail
Disc Jockey
Discount Clothing
Discount Furniture
Discount Store
Diving School
DIY Store
Document Storage
Dog Boarding
Dog Day Care
Dog Grooming
Dog Training
Dollar Store
Drama School
Driving School
Dry Cleaners
Dry Cleaning
DVD Rental
Electronic Filing
Electronic Publisher
Electronic Store
Employment Agency
English Language School Equipment Leasing
Equipment Rental
Estate Agency
Event Planning
Exhibition Organizer
Fabric Retailer
Fabric Store
Fabric Wholesaler
Facial Salon
Farm Tours
Fashion Designer
Fashion Consultant
Fashion Outlet
Fashion Store
Financial Advisor
Financial Planning
Fire Safety Equipment
Fireplace Retailer
Fireplace Cleaning
Fish and Chips Shop
Fish Farm
Fishing Tackle Store
Fitness Center
Flea Market
Flower Shop
Flying School
Freelance Writing
Freelance Graphic Design Freight Brokerage
Fruit Farm
Funeral Director
Furniture Designer
Furniture Retailer
Furniture Restoration
Furniture Store
Garden Center
Garden Designer
Garden Nursery
Gift Basket Making
Gift Shop
Gift Reminder Service
Golf Course
Golf Instructor
Golf Tours
Graphic Designer
Greeting Card Maker
Greeting Card Store
Grocery Store
Guest House Proprietor Gym
Hair Laser Removal
Hair Salon
Hair Technician
Handmade Toymaker
Hardware Retailer
Hat Maker
Hat Shop
Halloween Store
Halloween Costume Maker Health Club
Health Food Store
Herb Grower
Herb Store
Holiday Activity Club
Holiday Activity Coordinator
Home Jewelry
Horse Boarding
Horse Training
Horse Stables
Horseback Riding
Hot Dog Stand
House Cleaning
House Painting
House Sitting
Human Resources
Ice Cream Parlor
Ice Cream Truck
Independent Film Maker Indian Restaurant
Information Broker
Information Technology Insurance Agency
Insurance Adjustor
Interior Designer
Interior Landscaper
Internet Cafe
Industry Specific Business Plan Library Continued...
Italian Restaurant
Jewelry Maker
Jewelry Shop
Job Agency
Karate School
Kennel Owner
Ladies Clothing Store
Laundry Services
Lawn Care
Lighting Consultant
Limousine Service
Lingerie Shop
Lingerie Designer
Lunch Truck
Machine Rental
Mail Order
Make up Artist
Management Consulting
Market Research
Marketing Consultant
Massage Therapy
Mexican Restaurant
Mobile Car Wash
Mobile Spa
Model Agency
Movie Theatre
Music School
Music Shop
Music Theatre
Nail Salon
News Agent
Nursing Home
Nutritional Therapist
Office Cleaning
Office Furniture Store
Office Supply
Paper Making
Party Plan
Patent Agent
Pawn Shop
Payroll Services
PC Repair
Personal Chef
Pet Grooming
Pet Photography
Pet Shop
Piano Teacher
Piano Sales and Service
Pool Cleaning
Pool Installation
Pool Hall
Private Investigator
Property Management Psychologist
Public Relations
Publishing House
Recruitment Agency
Relocation Agent
Sandwich Shop
Security Guard Service Self Storage
Shoe Store
Shoe Repair
Smoothie and Juice Bar
Sports Cafe and Bar
Sports Equipment
Sweet Shop
T Shirt Printing
Tanning Salon
Tattoo Shop
Tax Preparation
Tea Room
Telemarketing Agency Temping Agency
Theme Park
Tour Guide
Toy Shop
Travel Agency
TV Repair
Used Equipment
Vending Machines
Video Production
Video Rental
Wallpaper Store
Wallpaper Hanging
Watch Repair
Watch Sales
Web Designer
Web Developer
Web Hosting
Wedding Consultant
Wedding Dress Shop
Wholesale Clothing
Window Cleaning
Windshield Repair
Wine Merchant
Wood Working
Yoga Studio
Yoga Instructor

A Random Test Of These Plans
Revealed Comprehensive, Professionally Written Business Plans

How do I know that these sample business plan templates contain quality business plans and not generic templates?

Here’s why…I took it upon myself to reviewed four randomly selected business plans from their extensive list of sample business plan templates: Acupuncture, Building Construction, Dog Day Care, and Mushroom Growing.

And let me tell you, each plan had a complete table of contents that included an Executive Summary, Company Summary, Products/Services, Market Analysis Summary, Strategy and Implementation Summary, and Management Summary. And that’s only part of it. The content of each plan was specific to the selected industry. Each professionally written plan showed how and when to use industry data, what terminology to use, and pointed out key market data and trends that would satisfy the appetite of even the most sophisticated investor.

Of course, you still need to do your homework. You need to gather the precise statistics for your specific geographic region and your business itself. Also, as with any business plan tool, you have to do your own numbers. But, does provide Excel financial templates to make this task even easier. And, you'll need to apply the concepts I teach throughout the Business Plan Secrets Revealed website and manual to find potential investors and to be sure you are recognized as the obvious investment choice.

Get MUCH MORE Than "Just" Templates...

As I've clearly demonstrated above, real-life sample business plan templates are the only way to go if you want to produce a high quality business plan.

Nevertheless, I don't want to sell these sample business plan templates short.

Each template comes with a lot more than just the real-life business plan!

In fact, when you order your plan you'll get 25 free tools and information packets, guaranteed to let you quickly and easily produce industry specific, quality business plans, written just like a professional would.

Here's some of the additional value-added FREE information and gifts you'll get with your sample business plan template:

  1. Business Plan outline - with simple tips on what to put in each section of your business plan.
  2. How to write a Business Plan - book-length guide to everything you need to know about business planning.
  3. Business Plan for a Start-up Business - with specific help for start-up business owners.
  4. The Questions You Must Answer - improve your chances of getting funded by 2000%.
  5. The Marketing Plan - standard marketing plan with hundreds of ideas and examples.
  6. How to Prepare a Business loan Request - Setting out what the banks want and how to provide it.
  7. Sample Bank Evaluation Document - actual document used by banks to evaluate proposals.
  8. Do not take no for an answer - and what to do when your bank says no.
  9. Everything you need to know about getting a business grant - long article clearly showing how and where to get a business grant.
  10. Choosing a Name - Why this is so important and how to choose the right name for your business.
  11. Bucking the Trend - How to avoid business failure - 96% of businesses fail, here is how to be one of the 1-in-29 that do not.
  12. Instant tips from start-up businesses - written by small business owners who have gone on to be very large business owners.
  13. Ten instant marketing solutions - for your business
  14. 50 ways to improve your cash-flow
  15. Getting the Best from your people
  16. Profit & Loss Spreadsheet
  17. Cash Flow Spreadsheet
  18. Balance Sheet Spreadsheet
  19. Start-up Spreadsheets - with useful costing sheets for any business.
  20. Business Plan by Spreadsheet - construct your whole plan on a spreadsheet!
  21. Grant Resources - great web links to government money.
  22. Marketing Resources - useful Marketing products.
  23. E-mail Resources - free your inbox - stop SPAM.
  24. Website Resources - If you have a business then you also need a website - hear are some great resources to help you along the way.
  25. Over 20 HTML templates - Simple web templates to help start your online presence.

As you can see from the above list I don't use the term "comprehensive" lightly when I talk about these sample business plan templates.

It really is THE COMPLETE business plan "bible". You can get it
right here.

Think Of Your Template As A WISE INVESTMENT

I'm not going to spend a lot of time here trying to rationalize the price of these templates.

Anyone who knows the damage that can be caused to one's credibility and/or reputation by sending just one poorly written, unprofessional business plan, already knows that the cost of one of these sample business plan templates is a small price to pay for the peace of mind it will give you.

You'll easily spend north of $50 for business plan software packages and $97 for the more popular ones. Generic business plan templates can run you anywhere from $40 to $90.

In truth, just the fully-formatted, real-life template could easily go for that much!

The fact is, to get a professional writer to compose a straightforward business plan will cost you somewhere between $250 and higher, and this doesn't include your time.

And don't forget, with each sample business plan template you'll receive dozens of tips, tricks and pointers, not to mention a comprehensive, real-life sample business plan template that you can download immediately and work with in your word processor.

That being said, click here to select the sample business plan template that meets your needs and to check pricing.

IN SUMMARY, here's what you get...

  • The world's largest collection of business plans: Over 1,000 fully-formatted, real-life, industry specific, sample business plan templates to choose from.
  • One-stop comprehensive information and tools on how to write a business plan. It's THE ONLY ONE like it that exists.
  • Everything is downloadable straight to your PC use as you choose.
  • 25 Free tools and gifts on how to write vastly superior business plans.
  • Comprehensive industry specific sample business plan templates written by experienced business plan writers and actually used in real-life.
  • THE most powerful set of business plan writing tools that you will ever need to produce a professional business plan.
  • When Professional Business Plan Writers "Get Stuck",
    This Is Where They Go...

    Yes, it's tough to write a business plan from scratch and most business plan templates are so generic they're not worth the investment. That’s why the first thing most professional business writers do when they get stuck is reach for business plans of other businesses in similar industries. Now, you can have access to the most extensive collection of professional, industry specific sample business plan templates and cut your research and writing time in half with

    Sample Business Plan Templates

    Get ready! In just a few minutes you will be the owner of an
    industry specific sample business plan template and
    a professionally written quality business plan.
    Talk about instant gratification!

    To your success,

    Mike Elia, C.P.A, M.B.A.

    P.S ---- If you came to this Web site looking for information on how to write better business plans, these sample business plan templates were created for you. If you're looking for a comprehensive resource that will give you professional quality business plans that you can handout with confidence, this is the source. Click here to find the plan that meets your exact needs right now!

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